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Photomath not running on android

Smartphone apps that helps students in their study or homework are very good. Now it’s time for a smart camera calculator app which is developed by MicroBlink Ltd, they named it “Photomath”. Photomath is an app that helps students in their study. This app is specially developed for the mathematical students to solve their problems instantly. As MicroBlink release the initial version of Photomath is become viral on all over the world due to it amazing features and functionality.


I am android user how can I use Photomath on android?

As an android user you might thinking why Photomath not running on android? Am I wrong? I think I am not! Because I’ve personally use this app on IPhone and I’m really very much impressed by the features and functionality of Photomath App. The best functionality of Photomath, it gives you instantly and accurate results (if mathematical expression is in printed form) and also show you the step by step solution of your mathematical problem. You can my check complete review of Photomath.


Currently MicroBlink has developed Photomath for windows phone and IPhone, but they are working hard to develop it for android users too. Android users will take maximum benefits of this outstanding app in January 2015. Be Patience till January 2015 as the MicroBlink developed Photomath for android it will easily available on PlayStore you can easily download Photomath from PlayStore.

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