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Photomath Complete Review – Smart camera calculator

If any student needs help in his/her math subject then do not worry because Microblink has made an app for those students who are week in math subject and this app can help students in solving their problems. The MicroBlink is a London based business. Behind this PhotoMath strategy, it will use similar technology to assemble the apps for the online banking in upcoming year. The name of that app is PhotoMath and it can only be used in windows phone and IOS (for android is due, near the beginning of 2015). You can use this app simply with your smart phone’s camera to examine the math’s questions. It not only solve these problems but also shows the step by step process in your mobile screen.

PhotoMath app is helpful in completing the home task given by your teacher or for preparing for your test. The Microblink’s PhotoMath is creating the waves on the store of app in many countries. With its amplified interface, consumers can now easily solve their maths problems just by using the camera of their smart phone. PhotoMath is familiar with the mathematical expressions to work out the exact answer of your given question and also offering you a detailed list of the steps how to solve a problem.

The main purpose of this app is to help people and to give them guideline about solving maths equations. This app is not useful for the students of middle school whose maths is quite easy. At this time, PhotoMath only solves linear functions, fractions, roots, powers, arithmetics and other functions such as exp, sin, cos and log. This app is only familiar with printed characters and not with handwritten text. One thing that students should keep in their mind is that PhotoMath cannot solve the word problems, calculus or geometry questions. This offer is only for windows phone and IOS. Android users have to wait until the coming year 2015.

After the launch of this app, it gained much popularity and is also reported as the top list of free IOS app in some countries. The web page of PhotoMath has nearly 9000 page views per minute. The ability of PhotoMath is to read the math problems but it also has some limitations. Remember one thing this app can give you accurate answer if any question is written in printed form rather than in written form like notes.

The procedure for using PhotoMath app is very simple and all students can simply follow it. The steps included in this procedure are given below.

  1. Instant Results

PhotoMath not only reads but also solves the mathematical equations by the use of cell phone with the help of build in camera. This apps makes the math as easy as simple by educating the users that how to simply solve the math equations.

  1. Step by step process of solving

You can easily understand how to capture the equations and expressions through the solved steps.

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