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Get PhotoMath app & beat your competitor in Mathematics!

An app have become the most viral nowadays on ITunes and soon it will become viral on PlayStore too. This app is developed by the MicroBlink Ltd. it is called Photomath. It can solve the mathematical expression instantly with the help of your smartphone camera. You just need to focus on the mathematical express and this app will not only give you instantly result but also provides you step by step solution of your problem. Isn’t it a good way for those mathematics students who are weak in math? I think it’s good. You can get Photomath app for your smartphone and tell you competitors that you’re not looser.

With the help of this outstanding app you can beat your competitors in mathematics. You can get your actual position either you’re in the class room or tuition center. Now it has limited number of functions but afterword MicroBlink will developed some more and more useful functions and features for PhotoMath. Currently it support some basic features of mathematics including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, this app can also solve simple linear equation.

Get Photomath for android

Who can use PhotoMath App?

I think that it is an amazing gift for all those students who really want to beat their competitors in study. But due to its basic functionality which I have discussed above, it is useful for only students who are very weak in mathematics. PhotoMath is a gift from MicroBlink at the ending season of 2014 for weak students in math.


Features and dark aspects of PhotoMath App

As every picture has its dark aspect also this app has also some good features as well as some bad. Nothing in the world is perfect for everything. Features of photomath include instantly results and step by step solution. Whenever user of this app focus on the math problem (in Printed form) he get the accurate and instantly results as well as the solution of the math express with step by step. This is the main and primary feature of photomath.

If we talk about the dark aspects of it, we can say that it can’t solve the difficult math express and it doesn’t give the accurate answer of that express which is hand written. It just focus on the problem which is in printed form. This is the main disadvantage of using photomath.


How can I get PhotoMath app?

First of all MicroBlink have developed it for just Apple and windows phone users, at this time they just can take advantages of it. But there are millions of android users all over the world. The company can’t neglect them. So they have decided to develop it for android users too. Are you one of the android user who is waiting for this app? May be you’re, but you don’t need to wait for a long time as MicroBlink said they will launched PhotoMath app for Android Users too in the first month of 2015.

If you’re Apple or Windows Phone user and want this app for you smartphone, tab etc. then you can get photomath for IPhone &Windows Phone easily.

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  2. I can’t Download this, because my Nokia Lumia 710 don’t support, someone help me.

  3. Photomath I’ve got Android tablet I go to Google play I search up photomath then I find it and it says this device is not competable plz reply how to install this app

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