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How to use Photomath on Android

Math is only the hardest subject in our school life and that is why we have to use a graphic calculator to fulfill our needs and now a day’s it is the requirement of the students. What if you can use your cell phones to solve the equations by positioning the camera in your text book in which you have some problem as compared to using a graphic calculator? That is why we are telling you about the idea of PhotoMath. You all will be shocked that what is this and why it is helpful especially for the students who don’t like using calculators. PhotoMath is a mobile app free of cost and this app helps you in reading and solving all your mathematical expression with the help of your smart cell phone’s camera in a real time.


PhotoMath might sound like that it helps to those students who have no interest in studies and usually get passing marks through cheating. It is not like that as this app provides step by step guidance and also shows how problems can be solved. Step by step guidance is very essential for all those students who have no money to access a tutor at home or to go to academy for tuition for solving their problems which they face in the math’s subject. This app can also be helpful for parents who teaches math subject to their children by simply using PhotoMath from their smarts phones.


Photomath Supporting Features

Presently PhotoMath supports the decimal numbers, basic arithmetic’s, linear equations, logarithms and many other functions like fractions. The new math is continuously added in the new app, as said in the explanation of PhotoMath app on the iTunes. This PhotoMath app uses the optical character recognition (OCR) expertise to read in detail all the equation as well as calculates all the answers of your question with in seconds. Frame of red color is available in PhotoMath app that can be used to easily capture any equation.


The PhotoMath’s capability to read the math problems has its own boundaries. The PhotoMath only gives answer to those questions that are in printed form and any handwritten notes are not accepted by this app and those cannot be solved. I have also experienced the PhotoMath in an order of the equation and this app keep on mistaking or erroring the variable “X” as a multiplication symbol. Even frame of red color causes limitations since there is not enough spacing among the two separate problems of math in textbook to capture that equation which we want.


The procedure of using PhotoMath on Android is as follows:

Actually Photomath is not yet available for android it will be available on starting of January 2015. This app is the most popular on iTunes but the way to use Photomath on android is as the same way as in windows phone or iPhones. You just need to download photomath and install this app from PlayStore on your android smartphone. The most amazing features of it are:

  1. Instant Results

PhotoMath not only reads but also solves the mathematical terms simply by means of using camera of your cell phone at any time. This app makes the Math simple and easy even by educating users that how they can solve math questions.

  1. Step by Step Solution

Gaining knowledge on how to work out the captured equations and expressions can be possible through its step by step process.

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