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How to solve complex problems in photomath in android?

In the last year ‘Microblink’ launched an amazing application called, ‘Photomath’ which is FREE smartphone camera calculator. As you know that photomath is an app for math students which don’t have enough command on mathematics and want to solve problems using the camera of their android smartphone?


What operations does photomath perform?

This might be good question to ask, which functions or operations photomath can perform and will it give accurate answer to those question? The answer is: Right now Photomath app can solve some basic mathematical problems like ‘Arithmetic expressions’, ‘Fractions and decimals’, ‘Powers and roots’, ‘Simple linear equations’.

To solve some mathematical problems using photomath in windows or iPhone, you need to install in on your smartphone. By using smartphone camera and focusing on the problem you can solve it instantly. Photomath will also provide you step by step solution of that problem. If the problem is in printed form then it might give you accurate answer to that problem but if it isn’t in printed form it might not read it perfectly and gives you wrong answer.


Can’t I solve complex equations in photomath using android?

As I discussed earlier that Photomath can perform some basic math problems, right now you can’t solve complex mathematical equations or problems in photomath. But the developers of this app are continuously working hard to add more and more functionality to this amazing app which is now available for Windows Mobile users and IPhone users, but they promised to develop Photomath for android in early 2015.  May be in their latest update they provide more functionality and options to solve complex problems.

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