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Microblink has added new exciting features in photomath 2.0 app

Last year MicroBlink introduced an exciting cross platform app called photomath that has some basic features for solving mathematical problems. After launching this app for windows phone and android it gain a huge success. This was due to its functionality and some great features. Photomath app is an amazing gift for math students who face some difficulties in solving problems.  It is a free math solver android and windows phone app that can solve math problems and gives you step by step answer of your problem.

Photomath 2.0 new features

In the previous version of photomath app Math keyboard was not included in this app but in version 2.0, math keyboard also impact a lot in its popularity and success.

The GUI (graphical user interface) is so simple, unique and beautiful and most important part of its GUI is, it is user friendly.

Photomath app is still the best and most popular math solve app on play store and windows store.

This is the beauty of this amazing app that every smartphone user who has android 4.1 and up.

I’ve written full review of this app check it out. You can download photo math app apk file.

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  1. All of the answers for complex numbers are incomplete. For example, the system is saying that (3-4i)(2+i) is 6-5i-4i^2 when the final answer is 10-5i. I would appreciate if this was fixed soon. Thank you.

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